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The importance of chair lumbar support

Ergonomic Office Chairs


by Judy Ross, Occupational Therapist

The importance of chair lumbar support

Ergonomic office chairs come in various shapes and sizes and usually offer adjustability of seat height, tilt, backrest height and angle. What is NOT usually able to be adjusted and is CRITICAL TO BACK HEALTH AND COMFORT is the shape and contours of the backrest, particularly the LUMBAR CUSHIONING . 

When we sit the lumbar curve flattens against the backrest - a position which is not good for your back.  Ergonomic office chairs have lumbar cushioning to try to maintain the low back curve. Unfortunately many chairs have unsuitable backrest shaping. Good quality office chairs usually have well shaped lumbar cushioning which ensures better low back support. Some ergonomic chairs even have adjustable lumbar cushioning which enables the user to vary the shape of the backrest. 

ergonomic office chairs height & angle adjusted chair
Back rest 1 Back rest 2

Backrest 1 or Backrest 2  – which suits your back type?

Everyone's back is different – an ergonomic office chair that is good for one person's back is not necessarily good for another person. To make sure you get the perfect ergonomic chair for your back, Back Centre can measure the contour of your lumbar curve and help you find the most comfortable and supportive chair for your back.   

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